Brick Lamp

To capture the moment of light – Being concealed & revealed

This unique lighting design would turn a quotidian routine into an enriching experience, providing an unexpected, fun quality to a daily object. The designers accomplished this by making a simplified and functional lamp, instead of a switch, light is activated when raised(on) and deactivated when laid flat(off). By creating the side facets, a natural handle is made and also directs the light when the brick sits on its sides.

Various materials to Choose

The concrete version of Brick Lamp is made from a special mix of cement and fine grain sands. It is cast in a high quality rubber mold to create a super fine and smooth finish. An alternative wood version is designed to suit your classic interior furnishing. This version is made from an authentic single piece of wood lumber, coated with an all nature-friendly clear stain to give it an elegant finish. And the special metal version is milled precisely out of a single piece of solid aluminum block by a Computer Numeric Controlled machine. To give it a sleek metallic touch, we use sand blasted matte finish on the bevels and brush texture on the top surface. The finished product then goes through an electric anodized process to permanently seals and protects the aluminum from rust and stain.

Designers: Hsin-Chun Wang, Ye Liu

Materials : walnut wood, concrete, aluminum

Dimensions : 7.5 ”(l) x 5.3 ”(w) x 1.65 ”(h) / 19 (l) x 13.5 (w) x 4 (h)cm

Weight: 1.8 ~ 3.2lbs / 0.8~1.4kg

Battery : rechargable Lithium polymer 8000mAh / 5+ hours usage

Light source : 3.3 Watt LED light, 280 lm, 3200k warm white

Input : charge through 5V USB outlet, 500mA~2A





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