Glass Lathe Vases

“Transform the skill of a lathe to show the glass material”

Manufacturing prevalent in Asia, Taiwan. There is the machine tool Glass Lathe.

It is similar to the wood lathe and metal lathe. Glass lathe also can provide a constant speed of rotation that provide mechanized aid for glass craftsman to make precise glass products; also for beginners are glass craft learning aids equipment.

I transferred the cutting and drilling techniques of wood lathe to the glass production with carbon rods. Carbon rods cut and drilled the rotary glass tube plus blew. Finally, created a new type of glass container with distorted appearance, full of vitality.

year of creation :: 2017

materials: borosilicate glass

dimension: H: 70 / 100 / 1500 mm W: 70 mm L: 70 mm



Kaiping Liu

His work focuses on materials and social phenomena, design with the point of craft, art and architecture.

He has been involved in product design, furniture design, food design, interactive lighting design, outdoor pavilion design projects, and collaborated with Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan. Education in design institute of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and Politecnico di Milano.

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